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                                                        Places to Visit in Japan

Japan country is well-known all over the world not merely due to the modern technology but also for the richness of the company’s culture and tradition. Japan is mostly visited countries by tourists in Asia. For those who would like to buy air tickets to Japan to possess a better idea of Japanese customs and practices, here are several in the places which feature the bestof Japan :

Get in proximity with the Sumo wrestlers in the Arashio Stable which you could see some from the best Sumo wrestlers in Japan. A stable is a place where sumo wrestlers live and start They’re training from a very young age. It is managed by a stable master, a retired master who had been an excellent wrestler at his prime.

Stable’s rikishi (wrestlers) of varying rank starts They’re training early in the morning training hard with the aspiration of the moving ups the ranks. By visiting the Arashio Stable, tourists may have to be able to watch the stable’s rikishi do their trained in the dirt practice ring. Watch because junior rikishi charge and slam their foreheads in to a senior rikishi’s shoulder and try to push an in excess of 17 bulk of the stone towards the opposite the side of the ring.

best places to visit japan
                                                Best Places to visit in Japan

There are six Grand Sumo Tournaments held each and every year. Tourists that are interested to view the tournaments can look into the schedule in the official page of Japan Sumo Association before they books air tickets to Japan. Japan can also be famous for its Anime. It could be the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of “animation.”

Anime includes a huge audience in Japan and recognition around the world. Tourists might find those Anime superheroes come alive in the streets of Harajuku. Young people dressed up in their favourite Anime character costume fulls of architectural hair and make up be really a usual scene in the neighbourhood of Harajuku whose name becomes synonymous with images of cosplay (costume play).

During Sundays, the bridge outside Harajuku Stations that is the Jingubashi, serves since the meeting place of these cosplayers. It has been said that cosplay is often a creative reaction from the pressure of an oppressively rigid day-to-day life in Japan.Higayashima which suggests Eastern Mountains is the foremost place in Japan for temple-hopping.

It is a portion of Kyoto which retained its semi-rural feel, clear of tour buses and traffic jam. Higayashima is a perfect destination to find out more on the Japanese history and culture since this area are rich in Buddhist temples and traditional gardens. For those that are intending to book air tickets to Japan to pay any gift giving occasion, Higayashima is a perfect area for a half day tours.

Walk northeast along the side of the Otawa River to succeed in the Sekizanzenim Temple begin to the Shugakuin-rikyu Palace that’s just nearby. Farther along the path could be the Shaginomori Shrine accompanied by Manshuin Temple. Head south to attend Enkoji Temple, Shisendo Temple and Hachidai Shrine. Want undertakes a nightlife in Japan?

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Shibuya, Tokyo is the location to go. Much of Shibuya’s night happenings centered around Dogen-zaka. It can be a street in Shibuya also known as “Love Hotel Hill” for your numerous small amount of time inns, pubs and night clubs. Finding a club that plays your sort of music from the trance to techno or rock to reggae is simple to do in Shibuya. Some from the popular hang-out places are Womb, Club Pure, Club Atom, Doma, La Mama, Insomnia Lounge and Bellovisto.

Get your Japan travel experience with Tokyo travel destinations :

  1. Harajuku

On Sundays mornings, Japanese youth gathers to the show offs Gothic Lolita, cosplay, rockabilly, visual-kei, and other creative fashions. Many of the world’s top fashion designers make regular pilgrimages to Harajuku in the search of new fashion inspiration. Check out Takeshita Doori , a cool strip located just across the street from Harajuku Station filled with food stands, fashionable clothing boutiques, and ample people watching opportunities.

Also, right outside the station entrance is the venerable Meiji Shrine, which provides the perfect escape backs to traditional and tranquil Japan if you need a breather from all the over-the-top trendiness of Harajuku. Harajuku Tokyo is the center of Japanese street fashion.

  1. Shibuya

Shibuya, Here you will like you’ve never experienced with a wave of human traffic ! This Place is Japan’s center of hip, trendy youth fashion, and is an exciting spot for dining, shopping, entertainment, sightseeing, and people watching for both tourists and Tokyoites alike. You also can found  attractions like Hachiko Crossing, Tokyo’s trendiest department store, the world’s business intersection (on outside Shibuya Station) and Shibuya 109.

  1. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji is The most vibrant wholesale fish market, Fish Market in Tokyo is the world’s largest , where each day, many tons of maguro tuna, other fish and seafood are bought, auctioned , and sold in Tsukiji. This Tokyo fish market is highest-quality sushi to be found anywhere on this planet! and also home to some of the freshest.

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                                                  Cities to visit in Japan

So, you must Get there to watch the tuna auctions. I Believe, Your stay in Japan will be an unforgettable! A trip to other place will not be complete without tasting its unique traditional cuisine. Downtown Kyoto may be known for your best Kaiseki-ryori in Japan. It is often a traditional multi-course haute cuisine which evolved through the simple meals served on the tea ceremony during the medieval times.

Tourists can take advantage of kaiseki-ryori in specialized restaurants or by stay in a Japanese-style Inn referred to as ryokan.Kaiseki meals have prescribed orders with their dishes, many of which have decided by making use of one in the common techniques of traditional Japanese cooking method.

Then main course will be served including thing like soup, sashimi, boiled dish, grilled dish, deep-fried fish, steamed fish or vinegar fish. After the main course will be the shokuji set including thing like rice, miso soup and pickles therefore the dessert. After exploring various places of interests in Japan, it’s time to try the Japanese onsen. Onsen is often a natural thermals hot springs scattered around Japan. Yunomine Onsen is amongst the best places to visit for an onsen culture experience. Yunomine Onsen is a valuable part in the over 1000 yr old Kumano pilgrimage tradition. Pilgrims performed warm water purification rituals inside the piping hot water after a long journey in planning for worshipping at Kumano Hongu Taisha.